For the past two months, newly launched Crypto mixing service Bitcoin Laundry has been gaining traction among cryptocurrency users for it's unparalleled anonymity and friendly user interface. For those interested in privacy and anonymity, Bitcoin Laundry makes Bitcoin transactions untraceable by mixing incoming Bitcoins with random coins from a reserve pool before sending them back out-- the coins you receive back are never the coins you sent in. We also offer features such as payment to multiple addresses and optional delay settings to increase the security of your mixes with us. While there are many mixers on the market providing their services, at Bitcoin Laundry we pride ourselves  on our helpful features, reliability, and commitment to user experience.

Try Our Service With Low December Rate
Now for the entire month of December, Bitcoin Laundry is excited to invite new users and loyal customers alike to try our bitcoin mixing service with NO SERVICE FEE. Now you can test our service for only .00008 BTC per payout address, and nothing else. Since we’re not taking a percentage, this is a great time to save on multiple mixes with us. We’re here to create happy repeat customers. At Bitcoin Laundry, we believe that it's important for everyone to protect their financial assets online, and a bitcoin mixing service is an essential tool for keeping cryptocurrency transactions anonymous and private. Aside from providing fast, reliable, low-cost bitcoin mixing, our goal is to make sure you have all the information you need to create a secure online environment for you Bitcoin from the moment you acquire it up until you spend it or move it to long-term storage. If you haven't tried Bitcoin Laundry, visit us today at or better yet, use our Tor mirror at and enjoy no service fees for fast, reliable, bitcoin mixing.