If you're visiting our blog here at Bitcoin Laundry, odds are you probably understand the importance of mixing your bitcoin and carefully protecting your privacy. You’re aware that all your transactions are recorded publicly on the blockchain and you want to take steps to secure your financial information. That’s great! Using our bitcoin mixing service is an important step in protecting your privacy and making sure your identity can’t be associated with your BTC holdings or transactions. But what about after you've mixed your coins with us? Online security doesn’t end when your clean coins leave the mixer and arrive in your wallet. Most bitcoin wallets are not anonymous enough to protect you, and your need for anonymity goes beyond just having clean coins.

 Even experienced bitcoin users can overlook the security of their wallets.

If you've used Bitcoin Laundry to mix your coins, we guarantee that the coins themselves cannot be traced to your previous transactions or personal information. However, if you send your coins from the mixer  to a standard wallet on an exchange or a web app, you still run the risk of exposing identifying information to hackers or the exchange itself. The best security practice is to create an anonymous bitcoin wallet that you use to receive your clean bitcoin— avoid exchanges or any platform with strong KYC protocols. If you are holding your bitcoin for the long term, cold storage is best. Using an anonymous wallet to receive freshly mixed bitcoin will resist the most advanced blockchain analysis, giving you the peace of mind you need. For best security, buy your bitcoin anonymously to begin with. See our blog article for tips for buying bitcoin without associating with your identity.

A good anonymous wallet should have these features:

  • A new address with every transaction
  • Tor/VPN support
  • Hardware wallet integration
  • High encryption standards (many use AES-256 encryption

If you are not sending your BTC to cold storage, make sure that you only use your wallet with a secure connection using both Tor and a VPN. Sending your mixed coins to a secure anonymous wallet tidies any loose ends that could be traced between you and your past transactions. Remember, when you want to spend or exchange bitcoin from your secure storage wallet, mix them again before making a transaction that could reveal your identity, such as a purchase delivered to an address or exchanging them for fiat in an exchange account. Your online security protocol should begin before you purchase your first bitcoin, and doesn’t end when mixing is complete. Your identity is only as secure as your least secure transaction. At Bitcoin Laundry we want to make sure you have all the information you need to stay safe, beyond using our mixing service. We always recommend the most secure practices. The best way to keep your Bitcoin and your identity protected is to learrn to create a fully anonymous environment to spend and store your coins. We’re happy to help with every step of the way.