Today Bitcoin Laundry is happy to announce that we have updated our fee structure and reduced our service fee to only .1% We are grateful to our loyal customer base for making this possible. We have grown so much since our launch thanks to you, and we want to recognize that! Now you can enjoy our fast and reliable mixing service for one of the lowest rates on the market. Time to get those coins squeaky clean!

The Benefits of Mixing with Bitcoin Laundry
We’re proud to offer a bitcoin tumbler service that combines a simple and intuitive user interface with great extra features. Please take advantage of our Tor mirror, customizable delays, and multiple payout options for the strongest mix— but if you need your coins right away, we can do that for you too. We offer great anonymity protection due to our large mixing pool, which we replenish regularly from our own holdings.
When you mix bitcoin, the coins you send us go into our mixing pool, and are exchanged with new ones from other customer’s mixes and our own supply. These new bitcoin are sent to a new address that you control. Because the bitcoin you receive to your new address has no connection to the old coins in your possession, your tracks on the blockchain stop at Bitcoin Laundry and are nearly impossible to track elsewhere. We offer you a clean, fresh start on the blockchain with your newly delivered BTC.

Thanks to our great customer base, we’re able to offer the least costly rates for bitcoin mixing available. Other mixers charge up to 5% for mixing bitcoins, which really adds up when you are a frequent user or need to mix bitcoin frequently. We stand by our service and look forward to making new changes to serve you better in the future.

Best regards,

Your Bitcoin Laundry team